Uni-ram Spray Gun Cleaners & Recycler Systems

FilterWorks is an Authorized Distributor of Uni-ram Paint Gun Cleaners, Solvent and Water Based Recycling Systems.

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Automatic Spray Gun Cleaners and Solvent Recycling Systems

Uni-ram manufactures environmentally friendly equipment for collision repair shops. Equipment includes spray gun cleaners, recyclers for solvent and water cleaners. Water, water borne cleaners and solvents are used in Uni-ram spray gun cleaners to effectively clean paint from spray guns.

They invented the automatic spray gun cleaner in 1988, have shipped more than 40,000 units, and you’ll find Uni-ram spray gun cleaners to Collision Repair Shops in 30 countries.

Uni-ram Recyclers reclaim water borne cleaners and solvents for reuse. Collision repair shops buy Uni-ram recyclers to eliminate unnecessary costs for virgin cleaners and costs to dispose of used cleaners. With a Uni-ram recycler waste hauled off site drops by 95% helping municipalities reach waste reduction goals.

If you have questions or need help choosing the perfect option for your repair facility, contact us today. We have years of experience in the auto repair industry, and our experts are always ready and waiting to assist you in finding the equipment that will suit your needs best!

Uni-ram Automatic Spray Gun Cleaners Clean the Inside and Outside of Paint your Spray Guns and Reservoir Pots in Under 1 Minute, and Work with Solvent or Water Based Cleaners

  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower Material Purchase Costs

  • Safer for Employees

  • Ultra Fast Cleanup

  • Single or Multi-Gun Options

  • Stainless Steel Components

  • State of the Art Cleaning

  • Clean Solvent without Waste

  • Automatic Wash and Rinse

UG4000D 2-Gun Cleaning Station

Cleans 2 Spray Guns in Minutes!

The UG6000D will automatically wash, air flush and clear rinse up to 2 spray guns at one time. You can also choose manual cleaning using the flow-through brush, activated by a hands free foot pedal.

  • Two Gun Cleaner with Vent
  • Guns & Pots Cleaned: Two
  • No. of Swirl Action Jets: 14
  • Tank Size: 17.25 x 13.5 x 14.25″ (WDH)
  • Cleaning Cycle: Wash, Air Flush, Clean Rinse (100cc) and Air Flush
  • Built in Automatic Fume Extraction

UN5000W Paint Gun Cleaner

Cleans All Spray Guns in Shop!

Guns spraying solvent primers, clears and colors, are cleaned in left tank. Guns spraying waterborne base coat are cleaned in right.

  • Fast consistent results with automatic cleaning
  • Additional manual cleaning when needed with flow-through brush
  • Top loading, cleans 2 spray guns
  • 4″ Dual diaphragm pump – 3.7 gal per minute
  • Wash solvent can be reused until dirty or recycled in a solvent recycler
  • Wash gun provides high pressure water to flush fluid passage in under 15 seconds

Uni-ram Solvent Recyclers

Go Green and Reduce Shop Operating Expenses!

Uni-ram solvent recyclers effectively reclaim used solvent by segregating the waste residue in a bag in the distillation tank. The clean, distilled solvent can be used over and over with virtually no loss of cleaning power. Typical solvents are paint thinner, gun wash solvent, acetone and MEK.
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