Martech Services Air Breathing Systems

FilterWorks is an Authorized Distributor of Martech Services Company’s Air Supplied Respiratory Protection Systems and Equipment

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Martech Services Quality Air Breathing Systems for Body Shops

Martech Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide Grade “D” breathable air, from an existing compressed air source. These systems are available from 50 SCFM to 150 SCFM panels, to fit the end users particular needs and facilities, and can service from one to fourteen people at the same time. FilterWorks can also design custom systems are also available to fit your facilities.

With the ever-increasing concern over proper OSHA respiratory protection, the use of an air supplied respirator which is mandated by OSHA [29CFR 1910.134 (d)(1)], is the chosen answer.

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Martech Solutions Systems are Designed to Provide OSHA Grade “D”, Breathable Air from Your Existing Compressed Air Source.

  • Low Maintenance Filters

  • Automatic Moisture Discharger

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitor

  • Self Relieving Regulator w/Gauge

  • Built-in Warning Lamps and Alarm

  • Panel Mounted, Ready to Use

  • Meets Current OSHA Standards

  • Four Stage Filtration

  • Continuous Moisture Discharger

Model 50 Systems

50 SCFM of Breathable Air

Model 50 Systems are designed to provide 50 SCFM of Grade “D” Breathable Air, from your existing compressed air supply. These complete systems are panel mounted and available in both stationary and portable versions.

Model 80 Systems

80 SCFM of Breathable Air

The Model 80 Systems are designed to provide 80 SCFM of Grade “D” Breathable Air, from your existing compressed air supply. Units are available with two types of on-board monitors to choose from.

Model 150 Systems

150 SCFM of Breathable Air

The Model 150 Systems are designed to provide 150 SCFM of Grade “D” Breathable Air, from your existing compressed air supply. The four-stage filtration and automatic moisture discharger are standard.

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