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We specialize in paint booth sales, installations and service. We can also assist you with your paint booth filter needs.


Filterworks USA has been installing Garmat USA paint booths in Florida for over 18 years. Garmat has established itself as an industry leader by manufacturing high quality, innovative products.

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We now distribute and service both waterborne and solvent Uniram gun cleaners, and thinner recyclers. Click here to learn more!

Paint Booth Filters

We handle many types of paint booth filters, including prefilters, ceiling filters and exhaust filters. Please call our service department to place your order.

Paint Booth Installations

We are state licensed and certified general and mechanical contractors. We offer permit processing services, CAD drawing services and we have a Florida registered professional engineer on staff. We also have extensive experience in obtaining permits throughout the state of Florida. We employ a full team of installation personnel, each with 10+ years experience in paint booth and body shop equipment installation.

Paint Booth Service

We have a dedicated and experienced team of technicians to take care of your paint booth maintenance and repair needs. We know how important your paint booth is to you, so in addition, we offer the following services:

  • Booth Wrap Services
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Exhaust and Pit Cleaning
  • Bulb, Light and Belt Replacements
  • Sanding and Painting
  • Fan Cleaning
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Booth Refurbishing
  • Additional Filter Services to Keep Your Equipment Functioning Properly

Financing Available
We have access to several lending sources based on your individual needs.

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